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The Giving Crew


Kids Helping Kids

Everyone can be part of a solution – regardless of their age or the resources they have. This is how The Giving Crew approaches charity in the Saint George Community. Every can we give to the Utah Food Bank, every dollar to a homeless shelter, and every donation provided to Deseret Industries helps in some way to put food on the table, or help a family become better prepared to meet the demands of raising kids.

Food Bank Donations

The Utah Food Bank is a great place for you to help feed your community. We encourage you to help either directly, or in conjunction with local food drives.      

Every can makes a real difference.

Homeless Children

St. George is blessed to have the Switchpoint Community Resource Center. They are the premier homeless centers in the western United States.

Children at Risk

Children suffer tremendously in abusive households. The DOVE Center in St. George is a great resource for any family facing difficulties due to domestic abuses.

America’s Values

We live in the greatest country on the planet, and we support the ideals set forth by our founding fathers. A safe, moral, and productive America offers the best future for all children.

Summer 2020:

Project America

To honor our country’s Independence Day, we are distributing pocket versions of the U.S. Constitution to residents throughout our area. We hope you hold our Constitution in the high standard that it deserves.

Utah Food Bank

An early trip to the Utah Food Bank to drop off a donation from The Giving Crew.

Food Storage

Members of The Giving Crew get a tour of the Utah Food Bank in St. George.

Early Meeting

Wren conducts one of the first Giving Crew meetings.

Constitution Project

The focus of The Giving Crew’s 2020 Summer project was to distribute pocket-sized U.S. Constitutions to remind us of the God given rights our founding fathers gave us.

Friends We’ve Helped

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