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The Giving Crew was founded in 2015 by an eleven-year-old Saint George, Utah resident named Wren. She was looking for ways to help local families in need, a little bit at a time. Originally, the idea was to create what one might call a second-tier of tithing. If a kid earns a little extra money doing yard work, selling baked goods at a bake sale, or finding ways for parents to save a little extra money – why not pool a little bit of those resources to help established organizations such as the Utah Food Bank.

Wren thought of ways to use part of her allowance, proceeds from bake sales, and other means to raise money that would be, in turn, provided to local food banks, homeless shelters, Deseret Industries, and other nonprofit agencies. The primary goal is money for food and necessities.

Wren began organizing a small team, which included her younger brother and a few neighborhood kids. They began brainstorming ways to earn money, and set priorities on what to do with the funding.

Raising a couple hundred dollars in a year to help local agencies is a wonderful. But, the real reward is these kids set out on their own to build a culture of charity, a trait that will help them become better citizens for many years into the future.

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