Welcome to The Giving Crew

Where kids help our community, one neighborhood at a time.

Hungry Boy With Bowl

Everyone can be part of a solution – regardless of their age or the resources they have. This is how The Giving Crew approaches hunger in the Saint George Community. Every can we give to the Utah Food Bank, every dollar to a homeless shelter, and every donation provided to Deseret Industries helps in some way to put food on the table, or help a family become better prepared to gain employment, and thus put food on the table.

Since 2015, The Giving Crew has focused on working together, a few kids in the same neighborhood, to raise monies to help the needy. Originally, the idea was to create what one might call a second-tier of tithing. If a kid earns a little extra money doing yard work, selling baked goods at a bake sale, or finding ways for parents to save a little extra money – why not pool a little bit of those resources to help established organizations such as the Utah Food Bank.

Hungry Boy With Bowl

Five kids raising just a hundred dollars on occasion can make an incremental impact on the community in a few ways. First, and foremost, helping the needy with food and funding – even in small amounts. Second, as these kids learn the importance of helping the community, while managing their own fundraising activities, they are helping to build a corps of tomorrow’s community caretakers. Finally, they give our community hope, knowing the future of our world will be in good hands.

Interested in helping? There are a few ways you can help. Let your children know that no matter how small a donation or resource, every can of food and every dollar really does make a difference. Then, let them plan their own Giving Crew. Their efforts will truly make a difference in the community.